welcome to my blog with simple blog graphic made in photofiltre.


name: karolina
nickname: lina
sex: female
age: 18

loves books, music, fashion, sport
and art. lil shit but kind and some-
times funny.

"Close friends are truly life's trea-
sures. Sometimes they know us
better than we know ourselves. With
gentle honesty, they are there to
guide and support us, to share
our laughter and our tears. Their
presence reminds us that we are
never really alone."


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9. října 2016 v 11:42 | karolina.


- japonské animované seriály a komixy.

◘ kpop a kdrama
- korejský pop a korejské seriály.

◘ hudba.
- popové hvězdy, rockové a metalové kapely, etc.

◘ filmy a seriály.
- teen wolf, game of thrones, etc.

◘ ostatní.
- knihy, abstraktní, etc.


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